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Health Trainers

Health Trainers is a national programme based at Tenants Hall in Middleton. It addresses the health and wellbeing needs of local people.


Health Trainers offer personal, structured support to people experiencing a range of challenges to their leading a happy and healthy life. Challenges may include social isolation, low income, debt, domestic violence, lack of social and family support networks.


Health Trainers are workers recruited from local communities with the skills, knowledge, contacts and empathy required to help individuals identify their needs and possible solutions, accompanying them on the journey to improved wellbeing. Peer support from others in similar situations and facing similar challenges is provided through self-help support and activity groups.


Health Trainers are commissioned by Leeds City Council Waste Management Services to work with manual and office workers to improve thier health and wellbeing, assisting in self-management of short and long-term conditions, particularly those affecting mental health.  The award winning service has achieved significant success in engaging, motivating and supporting beneficiaries to remain in work and assisting return to work. The service addresses the underlying causes of poor health including debt, homelessness, breakdown of family relationships, dependencies.


Groups include community choirs, walking groups, arts and crafts, soft furnishings, gardening, woodwork and many more!








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