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Family Intervention Service (FIS)

Health for All’s Family Intervention Service (FIS) aims to have a positive impact on families where there is the greatest need, where despite other interventions having been tried outcomes are not improving and children are still at risk of, or are already:  


  •    Looked after
  •    NEET (not in education, employment or training)
  •    Have poor school attendance
  •    Committing anti social or criminal behaviour.

FIS practitioners deliver one to one work and accredited parenting programmes.  FIS key workers work closeley with families adopting a restorative approach offering high support and high challenge, building on their strengths and life experiences.

FIS is a city wide service working with families with children aged between 0-19 years.

The model of intervention has been developed based on practice which has been evidenced nationally to have an impact on families where there are multiple and or complex needs requiring an intensive coordinated response.  

The model is about the delivery of an intensive support service based on a close working relationship with the whole family in order to help identify and develop ways of tackling destructive behaviours and lifestyle choices. The approach seeks to build on family strengths and to achieve permanent change by improving the resilience of the family.  

The FIS will work with a family for up to 12 months (in some cases this could be longer). Each family will have a key worker who would be expected to provide an intensive level of support averaging 4 hours per week. This is a voluntary service and families do not have to accept support. The type of support provided by the FIS is based on the assessed needs of the family and can include but is not limited to:

  • Parenting and Family support and managing children and young peoples behaviour
  • Improving care routines
  • Parenting and family relationship difficulties
  • Educational and employment support
  • Practical issues such as budgeting and housing
  • Anger management
  • Work to build motivation and self esteem
  • Communication skills
  • Social skills and life skills
  • Make the best use of leisure time
  • Help to access services for alcohol, drug misuse or domestic violence

What is the referral criteria for the Family Intervention Service?

The service is most suitable for families where there are entrenched patterns of negative behaviour, including anti social behaviour, or where families are chaotic/dysfunctional. Suitable families are those who without substantial change have children/young people who are at high risk or are already in care or where targeted interventions have been tried and failed and they are at risk of poor school attendance or becoming NEET. Child protection plans may be in place.  

How to make a request for service from the FIS?

Social Workers who may have a suitable case should speak to their Service Delivery Manager in the first instance.   All other professionals would be advised to discuss the case with the Targeted Service Lead of their cluster.

Blank referral forms can be obtained from the Families First Team on 0113 3952613 -

For more information about Health for All's Family Intervention Service – contact Vikrant Bhatia, Service Manager on 0113 2774819.   Health for All also delivers a list of accredited parenting courses and specialist programmes to support families. For more information contact Leanne Elliott, Programmes Facilitator, on 0113 2774819. 

The service staff are based at two of our sites: Belle Isle Family Centre (0113 2774819) and Middleton Family Centre (0113 2762386). This service is funded by Leeds City Council as part of the family intervention service programme.

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